“Jaydeep Sarangi gives a fresh paint to everyday living. ‘Small rivers’ near tribal villages are his haunts. His language can be unorthodox, where a rock can turn into a ‘reckless flow”, but his poems are a rewarding read, with the scent of herbs coming though the pages.” –Keki Daruwalla, Sahitya Akademi award winning poet

“I read Jaydeep Sarangi’s poems a leaning towards the spiritual, a searching…”

                                                     –Mamang Dai, Sahitya Akademi award winning poet

His(Jaydep’s) poems engage me. He is an important voice.”

                                                  –Jayanta Mahapatra, Sahitya Akademi award winning poet

“The poems in Silent Days, as in his earlier book, From Dulong to Beas, show Jaydeep Sarangi’s strong eye for local details. And, it is without those metaphysical themes which perhaps weighed a bit heavy on the earlier book. These short, numbered, self-contained lyrics show a more powerful Sarangi”

                                                           Bibhu Padhi, a  significant poet from Odisha

“Jaydeep Sarang’s poems amalgamate arresting imagery with illogical, yet poetically logical, shifts in their provocatively-dense poetic space[s]. He is a poet to be reckoned with as the reader directly experiences his pithy, rich poems’ poetics in the process of writing and erasing their indeterminate, plethora of meaning[s].”

 –Krysia Jopek, author of Hourglass Studies and Founding Editor of diaphanous micro.

“Sarangi’s poems understand their place as a thing of worship and solitude. These poems reflect a genuine sense of self-critical logic while remaining universal in voice. The reader will hope to think on the truth, engaging it honestly and through enticing imagery.”

Dustin Pickering, founder of Transcendent Zero Press and finalist in Adelaide Literary Journal’s short story contest 2018.

“Jaydeep Sarangi’s poems are finely crafted moments, and take us towards that compelling intersection of the conversational and the metaphysical. Breathe them in deeply, and be rewarded.”

–Cameron Hindrum lives, writes and works in Tasmania, Australia. Since 2003 he has coordinated the annual Tasmanian Poetry Festival.

“A deeper look into the masterpieces of Dr. Jaydeep Sarangi, a distinguished Indian author/poet, makes one enter into a different realm, a different sanctuary as the author takes you into his own depiction of the controversies involving society and humanity as a whole in his poetic pieces. These are well-described in his tribute poem “Caged Bard” for Manuranjan Byapari, an author, novelist. Intricately-woven words make this poem truly worth reading. These poetic lines caught my attention as he mentioned the impact of artists’ contributions to the world:

“Artists are legislators of the world!

let there be enough crackers to celebrate

it further

under an alien sky.”

   –Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, widely published poem from the Philippines,

Jaydeep Sarangi’s poems are published in different prestigious journals, magazines and newspapers like Mascara Literary ReviewBTR, Nimbin Good Times, Transnational Literature  (Australia), Geetanajali and Beyond (Scotland), One Poem a Day , Decolonisation In/And Poetry (South Africa), One Word(USA), Muse India, Indian Literature, Ars Artium, Kavya Bharati, The Asian Age, Samyukta, Reflections, WEC, ILML, (India)  La Simplegali (Italy), Setu  and Poetry Village(SUA)

Sarangi has been widely anthologized in anthologies and yearbooks in  USA, Canada, India, China, New Zealand  and Australia

As a poet  Sarangi has recently read his poems in Pearth Poetry Club, UNSW(Sydney), Univ of Wollongong, Westerly Centre( Perth), Univ of Udine, Univ of Rome (Tor Vergatta), Rezezaw University in Poland, Mumbai University, Presidency University( Kolkata), Jadavpur University, North Bengal University, different colleges in India and Lit Fests,  etc

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